How do I create a new project? | Panamplify

How do I create a new project?

1) On the projects list screen, click the 'add project' button on the right


2) On the next screen you will see a 'Name' field. Enter the desired name of your project. The 'slug' field will automatically generate a value based on the project name you enter in the 'Name' field. Once complete press the 'Save changes' button.



3) Clicking the 'Save changes' button will take you to the 'Project Details' page. On this page you see an 'Authorizations' tab with a series of buttons for different platforms. Click on any of the buttons for services that you want to be included in the projects reports, then enter the credentials required to authorize Panamplify to retrieve data from the associated account.


4) Once you have completed these steps please contact customer support to have a new report added to the project.