How do I authorize data sources? | Panamplify

How do I authorize data sources?

You must authorize Panamplify to access data from a particular user account on a  supported 3rd party platform (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook,, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Analytics).

  1.  If you are currently logged in to any platforms other than Facebook* that you are authorizing with an account other than the account that you want Panamplify to use you will first need to log out of that account before beginning the authorization process.
  2. Login to your Panamplify instance
  3. Select the project you intend to authorize
  4. Click the button of the platform you are authorizing

  5. There will be a popup request from the specified platform for you to enter your credentials, as well as a confirmation for the requested level of permissioning.



An addtional step is required to successfully authenticate Panamplify to Facebook. Prior to attempting to authorize the platform using a particular Facebook user account for the first time, you will need to provide the Panamplify support team with the Facebook userid of the account that will be used to grant authorization. Once the support team has added the user to our permissions list you will be notified to login to Facebook and proceed with the platform authorization.